Adding value to horticulture

Butters Plants & Bulbs
Butters core value has been that of a supplier of indoor and outdoor plants to the major high street supermarkets and DIY outlets for over 40 years. Initially a family business with a eagerness for quality and value, Butters is now the UK’s leading distributors of horticultural products. With sales of over £50m a year, we supply products for in-store sale and home delivery, to household names including Marks & Spencer, J Sainsbury, Tesco, Waitrose, Interflora and B&Q. We employ up to 500 people at our site in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and our highly creative product development team ensures that our customers have an ever-changing supply of creative and innovative designs. Our production and dispatch facility is constantly evolving to meet the elevated demands of our customers.

Butters now have a dedicated bulb & seed team which controls design, development, purchasing and production. The quality of our bulbs is important to us; our recent temperature controlled bulb storage space has been an invaluable addition. In addition to our packing facilities in Spalding we also have a dedicated packing facility in Holland with 40 years’ experience in supplying and packing bulb products.




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A florists approach

Butters Flowers
Established May 2011, this purpose built flower production facility is an ever increasing site with a current capacity of around 70k delivered flower boxes per week. We have a highly focused & experienced floral team which oversee the entirety of the products production life, from development to delivery. Our sourcing arm stretches from ‘over the road’ to South Africa, Asia and Africa; with the floral procurement team striving for direct sourcing.

A dedicated technical trial room and an independent trials centre for The Cut Flower Association help to keep our standards high. Our internal development team drive intriguing flower combinations whilst promoting advances in packaging methods. Production managers at the site seek efficient, economical manufacturing methods without compramising quality.

Our valued clients (Waitrose, Interflora, Flying Flowers & Moonpig) all have flourshing  e-commerce delivery services which generate around £12m business annually. The end consumer is imperative to us, and strive for each product to be as good as the last.




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Growing Together

Butters Nurseries

With margins under pressure and the garden plant market growing within the supermarket arena, Butters decided to create a growing business unit based just 6oo metres from its head office in Spalding.

Opened in May 2011, the nursery has enjoyed continued growth quadrupling its initial size to 15 acres. The business model is based on growing “low temperature” crops in a brand new facility which has been built specifically for the Butters Group with over 3 million plants grown per annum. Pete Hicks, our Growing Manager, has overseen the expansion and has over 20 years’ experience within the industry. The nursery strives to be as environmentally efficient as possible with investment in biological control and the distribution of water throughout.

The nursery is now an integral part of the company model and in its short life has proven to be very commercially viable. Continued growth is the plan for Butters nurseries with more variety, more efficiency and more glass.




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The Future

Butters Key Aspirations

Adding value to our products & services by;
i. Leading design
ii. Customer relationships at all levels
iii .Operational performance
iv. Growing our products whenever we can

Building long term relationships by;
i. Striving to build long term relationships with both customers and supplier
ii. Developing sustainable business models
iii. Excellent communication
iv. Continuous building of trust

One team, where  our people count;
i. Recruit, retain and develop our employees
ii. Develop a “can do” attitude
iii. Celebrate success as a group, team and individual
iv. Empower the individual

Innovation drives our agenda by;
i. Investment into research
ii. New ideas every week
iii. Be different
iv. Think “consumer”

Delivering Quality & Service Excellence;
i. Market leading
ii. Strive to improve
iii. Improvement of quality and service should be driven by all parts of our business
iv. Deliver our promises